Nutrition basics 101

I’m no scientist or anything like that, but I do like to pay attention to what’s going on with my body and other people’s also. I also like to pay attention to the Food industry and what we are being fed not only in restraunts and fast food, but also on grocery store shelves. Here are some quick notes I can give you for eating to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Knowledge is the first step to taking control of your own body and developing your abilities.

  • Drink plenty of WATER!!!! (most health problems and illness stem from dehydration. This includes Obesity)
  • Stick to the outside of the grocery store. (Fruit, Vegetables, and Meats, some potatoes and rice. Stay away from shelf foods)
  • READ THE INGREDIENTS (Don’t stop at the big letters on front that say 0 FAT. As hard as it is to believe, nearly everything we eat is chemically enhanced/ engineered these days and labels have loopholes)
  • Look out for preservatives (Foods with a high shelf life are usually stacked with Sodium benzoate, Sodium whateverelseate which do a great job of dehydrating your insides and causing problems like colon cancer. Freezer queens and hot pockets are horrible with this. The quicker it is to prepare, the worse it is).
  • MSG (Monosodium Glutimate and aspartame which are found in most frozen foods and fast foods are brain overexciters which will make that deep fried fake chicken taste good while at the same time leading to problems ranging from diabetes and rectal bleeding to kill brain cells and confusion as well as hormonal imbalance.)
  • Most Protein bars and drinks are stacked with engineered chemicals. AGAIN READ THE LABEL (Again, the quicker the meal is to prepare, the worse it is in most cases)
  • TRANS FATS -Yes we’ve all heard of them. Watch out for those deceiving stamps on front of that bag of chips. Serving sizes are manipulated on foods to allow less than a .55 gram per serving amount which is allowed to be labeled as 0 g. (Trans Fats which increase the chance of heart disease 3x fall under the name hydrogenated whatever kind of oil. Steer clear of any hydrogenated oil)
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup is  a cheap substitute filler (fake sugar) which causes diabetes, Obesity, and offers no nutritional value. This should be common knowledge but anyone who watches t.v. has seen the advertisement food industries use to sell the product which claims it is “fine in moderation”.
  • Eating too much saturated fat with not enough polyunsaturated and monounsaturated can cause quite a few health problems. (These should be balanced 10%, 10%, 10% to make up 30% of your diet.)
  • Watch out for too many carbs as well. Mainly simple carbohydrates (White breads and sugar). Most people don’t know but it is carbs, not fat which sticks to you and causes all that lower abdominal fat and so many other problems. Carbs should mostly come in the form of fruits and vegetables and just watch the amounts of bread and other that you are putting in. You should’nt cut fat out of your diet unless you are hoping for serious health problems.
  • Caffeine will actually increase endurance and power, but at the same time causes your heart to speed up and can lead to shock or failure during a workout or an overstressed situation. It will also dehydrate you so be careful about that.
  • Alcohol takes away valuable nutrients from your body which are used for muscle growth and all around development. It creates lower abdominal fat and it too has a dehydrating effect on the body and can lead to obesity.

Whenever possible buy natural meat, vegetables, and fruit from local farms (including animal products like milk). The reason is that traditional farms are being replaced by industrial farms which are all about having as many animals standing on top of eachother as possible. They eat where they deficate and are pumped full of steroids and hormones in order to have more meat raised cheaper in a faster period of time. Your health is sacrificed in order to make the next man richer. If you ever have a question about why something is happening in an inhumane way, follow the money trail. In the bullets I have covered some causes of Diabetes, Obesity, High blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, fatigue, hormonal imbalances which lead to depression and so many other symptoms and diseases of poor nutrition. I thought the video below was fitting with this post so check it out.

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