Suggested Nutrition Plan

Well again I’m no Scientist or Doctor… but this guy is. Dr John Berardi gives us a clearcut plan on his website for absolute free. In my older post “before and afters”  you will notice that I made some dramatic changes and not only with running a Marathon, but also feeling more energized from day to day and breaking barriers daily in training. A giant factor in your health and well-being is what you are putting in your body. See his website at the link below but the basics are laid out here. What worked for me is for two weeks I implement the first rule. The next two weeks I implement the next rule on top of that and so on…

“The 7 Rules of Good Nutrition

Here’s my take on it. I call these principles, “The 7 Rules of Good Nutrition.”

These aren’t the newest techniques from the latest cutting-edge plan. Rather, they are simple, time-tested, no nonsense habits that you need to get into when designing a good eating program.

1. Eat every 2-3 hours, no matter what. You should eat between 5-8 meals per day.

2. Eat complete (containing all the essential amino acids), lean protein with each meal.

3. Eat fruits and/or vegetables with each food meal.

4. Ensure that your carbohydrate intake comes from fruits and vegetables. Exception: workout and post-workout drinks and meals.

5. Ensure that 25-35% of your energy intake comes from fat, with your fat intake split equally between saturates (e.g. animal fat), monounsaturates (e.g., olive oil), and polyunsaturates (e.g. flax oil, salmon oil).

6. Drink only non-calorie containing beverages, the best choices being water and green tea.

7. Eat mostly whole foods (except workout and post-workout drinks).”

Written by, Dr John Berardi

– found at

We are starting the WOD back up Monday. Be ready for that and prepare yourself physically through what you are putting in your body.

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