What We Do

Alright. For those who haven’t been keeping up, and for those who have and are thoroughly confused. Our goal is that of General Physical Preparedness. What does this mean? This means to be good at everything rather than expert at only one thing and lacking in others. This way we can handle anything in life that is thrown our way. We will take this one step further and include information on healthy eating, survival, and all sorts of training that we feel necessary in order to be truly “Generally Physically Prepared”. I myself have recently run a marathon. My personal future goals are obtaining a Crossfit Level 1 Certification, testing the Kettle Bell Secret Service Snatch test, Mastering Olympic lifts and some gymnastic techniques, some free-running, and some Grappling and MMA hopefully if everything works out. After that who knows… My plan with this blog is to post a WOD (Workout of the day) Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and see how many members I can collect and collaborate with. This is an idea that fades out from time to time depending on what’s going on and how many people are looking at the WOD. The club and website are completely organic and flexible so if the schedule changes or things run differently than normal that is why. We change what we need to as we need to. Obviously it is free and we are hoping to attract people and acquire a wealth of knowledge similar to Crossfit but expanding further on the nutrition with natural foods and recipes, survival and other areas which aren’t covered with them as well as no fees for Journal subscription and craziness. As of right now we have a handfull of dedicated members. Here are some videos that show some of what we will be shooting for in our training. Enjoy!

This first one has embed disabled but is an absolute must see. If you don’t watch any others

watch this! (Click the link)


These others contain something more than motivation. These will inspire those who are willing.

These below were filmed in my garage gym…

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