“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.”

Tonight was my second night trying to get back into the routine of running. It’s tough! I feel like I use to be able to run a mile easy, but maybe not. Hopefully my past running partner (Sara) can recall how well I did to help me reflect back on those times. As for tonight, it went okay. I wasn’t quite able to make the whole mile, and it’s a bit discouraging to know I have 13 miles to build up to before May 17, 2010 but one way or another, I’m going to do it.  The Marine Corps Half Marathon is that day and I want to finish with a good time perhaps the best time. The last time I ran any type of race I finished second to last out of about 3,000 people. I felt accomplished knowing I finished a 10k without running more than a mile my entire life, but finishing in that place just isn’t satisfying me anymore. I think I am going to train to WIN the half marathon. I know that is a long shot, but that’s my goal… To high??? Maybe. But, it’s what I’m shooting for.  I will keep everyone posted on my progress…. Thanks for reading

3 thoughts on ““Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.”

  1. Good luck Jess! I agree with what Jon says. I remember a teacher telling me something similar. If you aim high you may be a little off, but if you aim for the ground you’re sure to hit it.
    Remember, all life is a progress, and anything you do is getting you one step closer to a better tomorrow.

  2. Something I’ve always heard when setting goals is “aim high, miss low” meaning if you train to be first and end up 30th or even 1000th, the high goal may have set you 10,000 places ahead of where you actually expected to finish. Something I always have to tell myself when I see the guy holding the UFC belt or the guy winning a ultra-marathon is “He is only human. Just like me. The only difference between us is who wants it more.” When you are willing to put in work you will be rewarded. We are all human and every man or woman can be beaten.

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