Marine Corps Marathon

I had to carry mine and Bryan’s posts over from the old site of our recent competitions…

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I’m sure I’ll be editing this post later, but I wanted to get something up for my results. I hit the 10K (6 miles) mark at 1h 07m. The 26.2 was finished in 5h 24m. I didn’t have to start walking until mile 21, but was able to run some still. When I was getting into miles 24 and 25 I was trying to turn the heat up with what I had left. and I ran nearly the whole last 1.2 miles running through the finish line with a large OOHRAH at the end and still a little gas in the tank. I’m trying to get more details about my placement and everything and will post them when I can. We will post pictures as well. I was running with Brock Dienst who finished 11 minutes before me.
Keep in mind these stats are finishers and don’t include the starters. I’m not sure what the total number was
This is the breakdown…

Age: 24 Gender: M
Distance MAR
Clock Time 5:31:57
Chip Time 5:24:26
Overall Place 16734 / 20936
Gender Place 10636 / 12656
Division Place 884 / 983
Age Grade 38.5%
5K 30:18
10K 1:00:03
15K 1:30:48
20K 2:12:19
Half 2:21:50
25K 2:51:20
30K 3:33:29
35K 4:19:07
40K 5:05:40
Service USMC
Mstatus ACTIVE
Weight 200

Results Found here…

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