Wednesdays Workout

I decided I am going to start off the workouts a little lighter in intensity. They will be done for the purpose of learning the movements and avoiding injury. I will include demonstrations whenever possible. These will be designed for General Physical preparedness. If you have a particular goal in mind or a competition coming up let us know and we can provide training to accomodate that goal. The movements below make up those of the Crossfit Total which is the numbers they use to recognize strength and the basic lifting movements to build total body strength. Notice M for male weight and F for Female. the weight is RX, or recommended weight. Obviously go lighter if you need to in order to keep form and avoid injury.

warmup of… farmers walk  20 yards x1 holding 60lbs each (holding weight in hands. walk a steady line)

then… 3 rounds of

Air Squat x12 No weight

Standing Press x8   135lbs bar/95lbs bar      m/f                (also known as strict press, or by bodybuilders as simply “shoulder press”)

Deadlift x8   200lbs bar / 135lbs bar          m/f

This video is worth taking a look at. I sometimes go off on tangents from the Gym Jones site and found this in Mark Twights collections.


If you are new to the power lifts and air squats above, I put together some demos from Crossfit. Simply click the link to see remote instruction on proper form. I can’t watch these from work so if any are wrong or not what we need let me know. Your mission is to do the warm-up, then take the three lifts, watch the appropriate demo and practice with an empty bar until you feel comfortable with it. When comfortable try it with a little weight.

Air Squat Demo w/explanations…[wmv][mov]

Deadlift Alignment Part 1, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Alignment Part 2, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Anatomy, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Arm Position Lecture Clip…[mov][wmv]
Deadlift Back Angle, Mark Rippetoe …[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Cues, Pat Sherwood …[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Intro Lecture Clip…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Setup, Mark Rippetoe …[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Starting Angles, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Starting Position Intro, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]

Press-Basic Positions, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press-Hand Positions, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Instruction, Part I, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Instruction Part 2, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Instruction Part 3, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Posture Question, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Review, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]

You will see the farmers walk in here…

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