Saturday/ Sunday’s Training

Warmup- find 3 heavy objects. We used 120# sandbag, 44# Kettlebell, and a 90# rock. Sprint 25 yards to each object and carry the object back. Next complete one sled sprint 50 yards and back.


4 rounds of

135# Deadlift x10

Knees to elbows on pullup bar x10

Ring Dips x5

PushPress 65# x 10

Amazing thing of the day…

demos below


Deadlift Cues, Pat Sherwood …[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Intro Lecture Clip…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Setup, Mark Rippetoe …[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Starting Angles, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Starting Position Intro, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]

Deadlift Alignment Part 1, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Alignment Part 2, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Anatomy, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Deadlift Arm Position Lecture Clip…[mov][wmv]
Deadlift Back Angle, Mark Rippetoe …[wmv][mov]



Ring Dips

One thought on “Saturday/ Sunday’s Training

  1. Hey guys. We completed this one yesterday. I’ve actually been doing them the day before I post them for a few reasons. The main one being that I want to make sure the training is not too soft or too hard. We only completed 3 rounds after the warmup and substituted box jumps at 20in. x10 for ring dips after round one because some guys were having too hard of a time with them and it was slowing the rotation down. There were four of us working on this one. Myself and 3 marines I work with. Needless to say, we got a good ass kicking from it.

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