What do we do?

See the method here… https://aaifit.wordpress.com/2009/11/25/where-to-begin-capacities-fuels-and-tools/ or hear me rant below…

Still trying to figure out just what it is we are doing? Maybe “we are training for everything” is very vague. Or maybe it’s just really vague. Either way I’ll try to clear some things up a little bit. Our goal is to hit all skills and all energy systems from all angles (using different tools such as barbell, kettlebell, homemade stuff) at randomized interval. Not only are we doing this, but we are cycling our training to allow rest and transition to different training methods and capacities with a focus on Core strength and full body work for a balance of strength   , speed, power etc… Since we are somewhat encouraging people in public to participate in the training shown on the public site, we hold back a little on what we show and what we post here and some things will be shown after the fact…

Lately I’ve had the Marines I work with over and trained with them and will be doing so for at least a few more sessions or semi permanently for the next year or so. I’ve posted what we’ve done as the training of the day so if something is too much for you, alter the training to your level. I call it training of the day because that’s what it is. It’s more than a workout. We are training the areas of our body and all systems. You may notice that our training favors an event, or capacity for a short period of time, or from cycle to cycle. This will be done for the reason that we will be training our dedicated members and Marines on Quantico for specific goals, tests, events and competitions. If you would like to become a dedicated member see this page… aaifit.wordpress.com/members-only/

Before you get caught up and leave us for Gym Jones know this… Their training schedule shows what WAS done the day before for a specific athlete training for a specific goal. Be aware of that before jumping ship to their PUBLIC page. Know this. Members of AAI train in various locations such as Crossfit gym, garage gyms and backyards. You can hold a membership here and train elsewhere as well. We hold no grudges and invite all knowledge. If you do want professional Athlete quality event specific training by possibly the best trainers in the country, I suggest you pay the membership fee there and try www.gymjones.com programming. This is something I would love to do and may if I can afford to one day. If you want something close to the training enviroment they have built and the model they follow but  are like me and not a millionaire, try us out. Because we are free though and we don’t want every slob on earth looking at our private collection of knowledge and possibly having ill intent, you may be asked to participate in an initiation in order to join. It is something I’ve been debating and may be implemented at that point. As a member there is more knowledge/ competitions and events shared with you. Dedicated members are also asked to share their availability 1 month in advance and are taken into account during the preparation of the competitions we host.

I was going through some Gym Jones “Knowledge” articles in their website where I have gained a lot of my knowledge from and ran across one article that had some information on training Crossfit and the + and -‘s of that training. He explains that although they are random in training methods they are not all that random or inclusive in the energy systems being trained. They train Strength, Cardio, Power, Speed, among others but it is rare to do a crossfit workout lasting more than 20-30 minutes. Is that really training everything? What about sustained work for long periods of time such as hiking, humping (military hike loaded in full gear), mountain climbing, or marathon training? Do they really cover all the bases? This is why Gym Jones broke off from Crossfit and it is why we don’t follow Crossfit’s training model solely and completely and only use concepts from them. As I have said before, We take what we need and leave the rest.


If you did look at Gym Jones’ website you may have noticed they are sharing a little more info now with the members only Preview and a couple videos. Just thought I’d throw that out there because it never hurts to look at what the other guys are doing and learn from them. I will eventually charge a fee for training and seminars, but I would like to win gold in a few events and get some certifications under my belt first. So the time is now while we are growing to become part of the Dedicated members group.

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