Mondays Training

Warmup is 1 minute of medium effort burpees followed by two minutes medium effort on the rower.


Two rounds of…

BB Row x4 at Bodyweight

Hand Stand Push-ups x5

Bench Press x5 at Bodyweight

then 3 rounds of…

Squat Jump x10 w empty bar or bands

Weighted Pullup x4 at 60#M/ 40#F

Finish up with a 2 minute max effort on a rower for speed.

Amazing thing of the day.

Demos below


BB Row

Press-Basic Positions, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press-Hand Positions, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Instruction, Part I, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Instruction Part 2, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Instruction Part 3, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Posture Question, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Press Review, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]

Bench Press: Arch, Mark Rippetoe …[wmv][mov]
Bench Press Basic Setup, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Bench Press Body Position, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]
Bench Press: Feet, Mark Rippetoe …[wmv][mov]
Bench Press Levers, Mark Rippetoe…[wmv][mov]

Dave Tate on Training, Recovery, & Max Effort (CFJ Preview) …[wmv][mov]

Rowing Basics (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, Ia, Greg Hammond, C2 (CFJ Preview)…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, Ib, Greg Hammond, C2 (CFJ Preview)…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, IIa, Greg Hammond, C2 (CFJ Preview)…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, IIb, Greg Hammond, C2 (CFJ Preview)…[wmv][mov]
Row Corrections, IIIa, Greg Hammond, C2 ( (CFJ Preview)) …[wmv][mov]
Row CorrectionsIIIb, C2 ( (CFJ Preview)) …[wmv][mov]
Rowing Fast, Bruce Kocher from C2 …[wmv][mov]
Rowing Lesson Pt IV (CFJ Preview) …[wmv][mov]
Stroke Rating (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Tabata Wattage (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Technique Refinement (C2), Angela Hart…[wmv][mov]
Todd vs the Rower w/ Bruce Kocher (CFJ Preview) …[wmv][mov]
Wattage Drills w/ Bruce Kocher (CFJ Preview) …[wmv][mov]

Jump Squats- This video isn’t a great demo though. Make sure your legs come parellel to the floor

Weighted Pull-ups

Handstand Development, Roger Harrell…[wmv][mov]
Handstand Games, Roger Harrell…[wmv][mov]
Handstand Drills, Jeff Tucker (CFJ Preview) …[wmv][mov]
Handstand Drills Pt II, Jeff Tucker (CFJ Preview) …[wmv][mov]
Handstand Progressions, CrossFit Kids…[wmv][mov]
<!–Handstand Walk…[avi]
–> Handstand Pushup Band Support, Jeff Tucker …[wmv][mov]
Handstand Pushup Band Support Part II, Jeff Tucker …[wmv][mov]
Headstand Intro, Roger Harrell…[wmv][mov]

One thought on “Mondays Training

  1. I completed all but the Handstand Pushups. For those I did 1 and then hit failure. I substituted the rest with strict press (military press). I got some of it on video and you may be seeing it soon at “videos” on the sidebar. I Lost some muscle in all the running but This was my breakdown.
    Warmup then…
    165# on Bent over Barbell Rows 4×2
    165# on Bench Press 4×2
    105# Strict Press 5×2
    Rx Squat Jump 10×3
    44# Kb on Weighted pullups and was hitting failure after two reps
    Max on rower was pretty fast. I decided I will make some posts explaining more about the Training of the day for some stuff that may be unclear.

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