Where to begin? Skills, Capacities, fuels and Tools

This message board is used to promote hard work and the will to succeed, as well as record effort made in training and organize schedules, routines and events. Here is a preview of what we have done in the past below

Feel free to post your personal training, questions, Knowledge, and anything related to accomplishing your personal goals or  that might help someone else do the same. Check the posts catagorized ‘The method’ HERE after reading this to see the big picture of what we do and any changes we may have made to it. The Training Schedule has important events and training times on it, or you can check out our underground Gallery and Video Library on the sidebar under Media which sum up some of what’s been going on since the start of this website.

Our training consists of and is broken down in the following ways. Just take what applies to you and forget what you don’t need.

  • First I’ll cover the Skills Trained here that make up the General Physical Preparedness that we hope to attain (some are trained simultaneously with others and some consistently, while others are cycled)
  1. Strength (The foundation of all other physical capacities)
  2. Power (physical)
  3. Power- Endurance > 1.5 hours (physical)
  4. Endurance < 1.5 hours (psychological and physical)
  5. Speed (physical)
  6. Coordination, Control, and accuracy (physical and psychological)
  7. agility (physical)
  8. flexibility (physical)
  9. Fighting (Physical, Psychological)
  10. Survival (All Inclusive)

We Train and collaborate knowledge on each of these subjects and Nutrition.
Other physical and psychological capacities are trained but remain unseen from the outside as well such as Confidence, Willpower, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Capacities, quicker reaction time, and muscle memory (Knowing how to do something such as boulder a dangerous rock, due to having done something similar over and over in training) and if you are following the nutritional plan you will see an increase in energy and performance, and decreased sickness.

Look below for more on our training and where to start…

As I said in the previous post, Strength is the foundation of all other capacities. If you aren’t strong enough to lift something, how will you lift it fast to build power? You can’t. The way Dan John put it was Strength is the glass, all other capacities are the liquid. We will spend 4 or more weeks focusing on strength in our Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat schedule. There will be some power exercises and and other capacities included in the cycle to not let everything else fall to the wayside, but the focus is Strength. Strength must be built in all parts of the body. Other capacities such as conditioning (cardio and respiratory system) can be done using any part of the body. A lot of the exercises we do hit nearly every capacity and Physical skill at once and we will not dedicate a full cycle to each capacity, but rather train something such as Power but use exercises such as wallball that will train coordination and accuracy as well. You will need to be eating a LITTLE more than normal during the strength cycle and will probably be hungry more. Next we will take 1 week off for rest and go into a new cycle. Basically depending on what’s going on and what we’re preparing for we will decide what capacity to train next. If it’s an endurance race, obviously we’ll train more Power-Endurance and Endurance. If it’s a fight Power-Endurance, speed and power all the way and more technique and core training. We will also be using breathing ladders and many other variables to mix things up and fully hit all systems.

Below are the three metabolic pathways (Energy Systems) that we will be training as well.

  1. Phophagen- Sprint Fuel (25-30 repetitions performed in 10-30 seconds activates this fuel) Recovery period is 1:3
  2. Glycolytic- Mid Distance Fuel (10-20 repetitions performed in 30-120 seconds activates this fuel) Recovery period is 1:2
  3. Oxidative- Distance Fuel (3-5 repetitions performed in 120-300 seconds activates this fuel) Recovery period is 1:1
  • Next comes Fuels and Nutrition (Really this is first because without it you have nothing and you will make no gains) When I say we are training this I mean we are giving ourselves knowledge on the subject of which fuels are needed for which job for supplementation.
  1. Sugars- Glucose is the simplist form of carbohydrate and fuels the sprint efforts and ‘Phophagen’ phase
  2. Carbohydrates- Fuel used in training lasting less than
  3. Fat- Fuels Endurance and ultra-Endurance effort. The body hits a “wall” during an endurance effort late in the event where the body runs out of carbohydrates and switches over to fat stores. The transition is slow and painful and leaves the athlete without any energy for a period of time.
  • Tools of training.
  1. Dumbells
  2. Barbell
  3. Kettlebell
  4. Medicine Ball
  5. Bodyweight
  6. There are so many others…

The next part of the equation is the tool used. Think of using a barbell or Dumbells as you use a weapon or learn a martial art. You need to master each individually. The truth is you can work a capacity the same with a barbell as you can with a hay bail or a rock even in a different movement. There are benifits of using each tool as well though and it is in your best interest to learn them all. My point is don’t get caught up with what tool we use for a particular day. If you know how to move a barbell, use that for your work on the training of the day and practice form on the other tool in your free time. There is no sense in hurting yourself when you can get the same workout with a different tool.

Putting it all together. If you are new to Physical Training, These are my recommendations and in this order.

  1. Get your Nutrition plan in place. While you are healing your body through what you put in, use some free time to practice some of the movements we use with a tool. I suggest you start with building a strong cardio base of running, swimming, or biking every other day or atleast 3 times a week. You can attempt the bodyweight work such as Pushups, Handstands, crunches, planks, lunges, air squats, pullups, dips etc. You will want to learn all you can from other sources while you are starting out. Start here AAI Nutrition for the Nutrition knowledge. Here  What is Fitness, and here Hell on Earth Fitness for the mindset, and here Crossfit Demos For the demonstrations. In ‘beginners’ on the sidebar, I have also placed articles that are suited to new members or users as well as some strength workouts that contain demonstration videos to go along…
  2. I suggest you start using dumbells before any other equipment because they can copycat most Barbell workouts as well as some kettlebell work.
  3. When you are comfortable with form, check out the Training of the day. Spend a few weeks going through the motions on these slower with lighter weights and try to find some of your own capacities and limits. When you are comfortable with the movements, you will want to find your max’s.
  4. Next… If we are doing something other than a strength cycle, you will probably want to click “strength” on the sidebar and do these workouts for atleast one or two months to build the initial strength to keep up with the workouts.
  5. You will also want to make sure you are ready as far as cardio and respiration. Make sure you are ready before you jump into the fire.

At this point you are an animal ready to destroy the Training. DO IT!

If you are of a Competitive mindset and feel like you can stand up to what the Dedicated Members have to offer, check that out Members Only

Excuse any appearance or confusion issues that we may have. The website is new, and will continue to be a constant work in progress as we are constantly making changes to our training and the site to suit our goals and requirements. For more on Nutrition see Sara’s Blog on seeking wilderness and homegrown food at ‘The Wild Homestead HERE.

3 thoughts on “Where to begin? Skills, Capacities, fuels and Tools

  1. Not sure where to put this, but here’s the deal:

    1/12/2010 – Today, I am at 183lbs. My goal over the next couple of months is to drop down (the healthy way) to 165. I am having a body fat assessment done today at the Quantico gym, and from there starting a strict workout plan. I will try to update my progress here as it goes along. I probably will need to figure out how to make a real post in order to do so.

    On a side note, I’ve totally reconstructed my diet. Specifically I’ve eradicated two elements from my life.

    1. Trans Fats
    2. High Fructose Corn Syrup

    Trans fats were easy to eliminate, HFCS on the other hand is nuts. Look into it you if doubt me. It is in absolutely EVERYTHING, it’s more addictive then cocaine, and it CAUSES hunger rather then relieving it. (it is believed that this is a major force in America’s obesity epidemic).

    I’ve also been eating much more veggies, fruits, and NUTS! The essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals you receive from these seldomly consumed foods are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL! Last night, I ate a fist full of mixed nuts, a fist full of pistachios, about 8 strawberries, and a bunch of grapes. Now at 0514 I am not tired (been working since 2300), i am full of energy, not hungry, and ready to go workout. I hit the gym at 0730!


    PS- Simmons: if you wanted to copy/paste this into a real post, and then explain to me how to do that, I wouldn’t be too terribly offended.

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