Fedor’s Training

How the disputed Top Fighter in the world trains with backyard tools… In the videos below you will see how the emporrer of MMA trains with kettlebells, running, Jump Rope, Barbell, resistance bands, sledgehammer and tire and other low-tech high intensity methods. I say disputed because everyone knows he is the best, but UFC and Fedor’s M1 Global Representatives can’t come to an agreement and let him compete with the current top ranking UFC fighters. Fedor is a big inspiration to me not only by how he fights, but by how he lives his life and doesn’t sacrifice his beliefs and morals for money or fame. Despite the money he makes and respect he earns he keeps his simple life, stays out of the spotlight, refuses to brag or showboat, and does what he feels he needs to do and pushes the rest to the side. In an interview he was asked why he didn’t come to UFC to prove himself the best fighter in the world? His reply was “I don’t have anything to prove to anyone”. He has also said that he doesn’t consider himself a great fighter despite beating all of the former UFC champions and never having lost a fight (He technically has a loss due to a cut on his brow that brought a stoppage and holds a record of 31-1). He was never beaten. In another interview regarding UFC he says “They don’t treat fighters like people”… and ” Their demands were one sided”. He recently signed a contract with Strike Force and fought Brett Rogers so hopefully we will be seeing more fights from him.

His wikipedia page and fight record can be found here… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedor_Emelianenko

I attached training, history and fight highlight videos below for those interested

Fedors Training (Notice that the Emporer of MMA trains with rugged low-tech equipment. Hard work and knowledge put him where he is and not money spent on fancy machines or gym membership)








This shows more…


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