Wednesday Training and media

Dave showing Proper depth on a squat even during a Jump Squat

New Faces meeting Get Ups

warmup- 1 mile run carrying a medicine ball or 10-15# weight

next work strength with 3 rounds of the following…

  • Barbell Row x5 @ 140# (If you can’t do full range of motion drop some weight)
  • Barbell Lunge @ 65# x5
  • Floor Wipers holding 185# x10
  • Turkish Get up with a 35# Kettlebell x2

then a quick circuit of 1 minutes work/20 seconds rest and for 2 minutes total and 40 seconds rest between stations  for each movement below.

  • burpees
  • Pushups
  • Knees to Elbows
  • Shadowboxing with 5# Dumbells
  • air squats

More below including videos…

I haven’t been taking enough pictures and video lately so made sure to do so. The laptop crashed on me but I am trying to keep the stuff posted and should have another one from yesterdays session soon. If you have any of your own videos of you training at home or wherever feel free to share. You may notice that we are doing something different than what’s posted. This is the case from time to time as our Members only board runs seperate and sometimes can’t follow the schedule from here. I also don’t want to post a workout here that will injure or discourage someone. If you are interested in what’s going on there see “Members only” under pages. I haven’t been able to get video html to work so if you don’t want to lose the website page, you will need to copy the link into a new window. -More pictures here -Jon and Nance Grappling -Pain, Failure, and Success

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