No post for Monday. Try this game…

Tuesday I will be testing more max’s. Turkish Get up and Power Snatch. Probably doing some other things along with it. We’ll see.

TGU 1,1,1,1,1

BB Snatch 1,1,1,1,1

For load

post your load to comments

I don’t recommend anyone try to find a max on snatch if you don’t do them regularly. Practice form instead.

Below is an important update about the website.

I will no longer be posting a “Training of the day”  in advance. Rather I will be posting what I have done after having done it or what I plan to do for myself. You can use that information however you like. I may change the way the site runs when I get certified and try to make a little money from this but who knows when I will get a chance to get that done. We will continue to have a ton of media and knowledge coming through here and the private site will run as normal. Basically the only thing that will change is that I won’t worry so much about telling you guys (whoever may read this) what you should do and I won’t be posting workouts that I feel would be best for someone to do rather than what I need for my personal goals which is right now training for the PFT and gaining some strength (faster run and more pullups). If you ask me personally to draw up a plan for you I will do it and I will work out with you as well. If you are a beginner though this is a good time to check what I do because as I said Strength is the foundation. Strength and some conditioning as well as sprinting power and running speed are my focus until this next PFT is done. If another challenge comes before then I will add onto that what I need to.

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