Jon’s Latenight office work

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately (Not sleep that counts anyway) but yesterday I slept nearly all day and feel good and rested. Training is 50% work and 50% rest (rest includes nutrition and GOOD sleep). I don’t train as much when I can’t rest properly because there is no recovery phase and my body doesn’t get much out of it. I did the following with our pullup station and a 30# Ammo can. Some strength, some Power-Endurance. I had Turkish Get ups written down with the can but didn’t want the flimsy handle to break and me bleed out from the face all night on watch. Here is what I did get done…

3 Rounds

Thrusters x12 @30# Can

Rows x15 each side with the same can

1 Arm negative Pullups x10 each side (hold with one arm. Jump until chin clears and try to hold and come down slowly)

Dips on bars x10

Planche Pushup variation x6

Let me know if you need demos on this stuff and I’ll record them or find them and attach it. With this training being done with minimal equipment, I thought it was a good opportunity to attach some videos of cheap/ Free equipment I have been able to build and use below…

My Garage Gym

Tire Home-made Sled

Home-made Rings

Grip/ Rock climbing/ Pullup Training – Really I was messing around here. I was drinking too but really that helped numb the pain

Pullup Training


Water for explosive resistance and breathing

Pushup Variations

Some of these will be private. I did that because I plan to put them on the website later and remove them from youtube. Let me know if you want to see those and I will give you access or temporarily change them to public.

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