Another new face in the gym

You may have seen me mention Brock a few times. He is the superman guy you see in the Marathon pictures beside me. He got his first break off session in the garage gym today. It went like this…

warmup- incline crunches in the rafters x10, depth jump x10

then 3 rounds of…

floor wipers x6 each w/95#BB

Thrusters x6 w/95#BB

Clean from floor x10 w/95#BB

Farmers Walk x100ft w/190# of DB’s at our sides

Lunge x100ft w/35# plate extended overhead

This was done after getting blood drawn, and a flu vaccination for me so we will see how recovery goes.

One thought on “Another new face in the gym

  1. Well I am sore and feeling really drained if anyone was wondering about that recovery. I definately felt worse after indulging in CiCi’s all you can eat though. I think that has something to do with it. Definitely not the best energy food.

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