AAI Hoodies available

I had to update the post as they couldn’t use our other graphics on the sweatshirts. A little less detail in this one but it will work. See our STORE for all products.

I put in an order for 11 Jerzeez 50/50 Hooded sweatshirts With the design below. MOLAN LABE (come and get them) was the reply from the extremely outnumbered Spartans at the Hot Gates when the persians told them and Allies to lay down their weapons. I think that applies. 7000 men held off millions for 7 days and allowed the rest of Sparta to counter attack and chase off remaining Persian forces. The full story on Thermopyle is here.

The picture is one I recreated from another original and was altered by Custom Ink into the one you see below. I drew it to symbolize Military and Civilians coming together to work and Fight in unison for a greater cause in fighting the War on Terror not only away, but also at home. The mountains symbolizing challenges and hardship lying ahead (and in a more literal sense, the climbs and hikes that we do, as well as the mountains in Afghanistan where the fight currently takes place). The Atlas Stone symbolizes the odd lifts and different (Different= Elite) style that we take to training. The Spartan quote and look symbolizes strength in Skill and Training rather than numbers. At the same time “come and get them” referring to the weapons is a statement that American Citizens (Not only Americans but FREE citizens) have the right and means to defend themselves from any enemy. We currently have 2M, 4L, and 3XL for sale each for the price of $29.00 After Christmas these will cost $35.00 +shipping. First come First Serve

More details below

The funds received for all products will go toward paying off the debt, then paying for spots in competitions, hosting our own competitions and outfitting our members with gear and things (We do this stuff out of our own pocket and charge nothing for membership, knowledge and training).

Features: 8 oz. All colors are a poly/cotton blend. Features double lined hood with grommets and matching drawcord. Youth sizes do not have a draw cord. Front muff pocket, set-in sleeves, tubular ribbed cuffs and cover seamed waistband.

Comments: Fits Small. A great mid-weight sweatshirt with a wide color selection. Available in the US ONLY.

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