Fitness for dummies and Food Pyramid

I’ll start this one off by saying Dave should get his $20.00 back on this fitness for dummies book. Okay… It’s not that bad, but there is a lot in there I don’t necessarily agree with and couldn’t imagine charging someone money for this kind of made up BS. One being that the author has run 20 marathons and done nothing else but points out A bench for Bench Press as a must have fitness investment. She holds a Masters degree and is Certified (Whatever that is worth) and is constantly pointing to brands of equipment and magazine subscriptions you should $$$$buy$$$$. Anyway the book shows a full section on Nutrition that misleads and leaves out key facts on the subject. It has a full paragraph about fat that simply says eat fat sparingly, pass up burger king, this and that. It has no mention of the different types of fat and what they do for you (Like fat is a requirement for brain function and growth, as well as an important fuel and actually boosts metabolism). No mention of any of that. It also contains the old food pyramid which is completely inaccurate. I’ll go into to this in more detail below…

This may not be her fault as she was thoroughly trained (to the point of a Masters Degree) to believe a certain way. The truth is that Americans don’t eat too much fat as the book and sooo many other “professionals” suggest… It’s simple Carbs, and all these artificial fillers that we are having too much of. Why is it then that the food pyramids list those carbs as “sweets” in the “Fat” catagory at the smallest portion of the pyramid on top? Is it because the U.S. Department of Agriculture wants us to be dumber and unhealthy?… Of course not. That wouldn’t hurt their cause especially with Government healthcare about to be a booming business for them, but the answer is… $$$$$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$$$$. The truth is that CARBS are more price efficient for Factory farms (They get more money back than they invest on it). Especially MSG’s and Aspyrtame (which also have the weight loss selling factor. The only tradeoff is cancer and tons of health problems). This is also why Livestock overcrowded in the factory farms are fed the unnatural diet of grains and whatever else makes them Large faster. What do cows on family farms eat? They eat grass. You have to wonder what kind of deficiencies the factory cows have from all that not being able to move around and eating an unnatural diet.

Back to humans though… Okay so according to this book and the food pyramid sweets (meaning sugar) is fat. Fat is BAD for you. We should all know by now because we have all read Nutrition 101 that Polyunsaturated fats and Monounsaturated fats are good and Saturated fats are bad for you… Is this true though? What I was getting at with that is with the deep fried everything mindset and porterhouse eaters out there you don’t need to look at GETTING your Saturated fats. You will get them if you eat your normal servings of meat. I am bringing this up to mention that you need some of that stuff too. Fat should be 30% of your diet. That is 10% monounsaturated, 10%Polyunsaturated, and 10% Saturated. This means Don’t cut the fat off of your steaks, don’t take the yoke off of your eggs and you’ll be good on your fat. I won’t get into Trans Fat because I covered that in the other post. Chromium though is a mineral found in meat, Clams, cheese, nuts and whole grains that helps break down carbohydrates. OKAY… so a summary of what the USDA wants you to do. We are avoiding fat. This means we are avoiding meats and not getting that Chromium from it and slowing our muscle growth and good fat and protein intake in essence shutting down our metabolism. Without the Chromium we are no longer burning the excess carbs we are taking in because that’s what the pyramid tells us to do. We are paying Factory farms for trash meat, fillers, excess carbohydrates which is their money maker… and then getting sick and paying the FDA all this money to feed us pills rather than the naturals foods and water we should be eating to cure ourselves. AN ENDLESS, VICIOUS CYCLE

I do drink skim milk but that is a preference and you don’t need to overdo it on anything you eat (except vegetables is fine). Even drinking too much water can hurt you. These are the things I have made myself aware of. You will never see me pull out a measuring cup or crunching numbers for my diet. I eat out more than I should. The thing is though that I am aware and I think about what I’m putting in my body. I try to stay well balanced, eat what I feel like I need, and avoid the bad stuff for the most part.

This is a video I just found as I was looking for other sources to back up my facts. This one pretty much covers a lot of the stuff I just explained and covered in Nutrition 101 but watch it anyway. The only thing that I don’t completely agree with her on is the red meat and Saturated fat part. There is a such thing as too low of a blood pressure and too high as well. Each person is a different metabolic type and until you know yours, you won’t completely understand what is the perfect diet for you.

The only thing I would add to this pyramid is drink plenty of water daily.

New Food Pyramid

This is some good info on Saturated fat

Saturated fat and Cholesterol

The funny thing is the USDA site no longer has a pyramid on the website. Just an empty rainbow and a bunch of confusing trash to scare people away. They do have a link to “know your farmer, Know your food” but I click on it and get an error. So it doesn’t exist?

USDA Food Pyramid

Old Food Pyramid. Just  a google search I did that pulled up about 10 bajillion hits

Google Food Pyramid

6 thoughts on “Fitness for dummies and Food Pyramid

  1. For the record, dave picked up the book for a quarter at goodwill. And if you actually took the time to read most of it then I consider it money well spent!

  2. Coconut oil is mostly saturated fat, a lot more than we are led to believe we should eat. Most of the studies on saturated fat being bad for you come from the American diet where most saturated fats are consumed by eating improperly fed animal products, like you said.
    They see that people who eat more cheese or meat are more likely to have disease A or B, so they ask “What’s in the meat and cheese that’s causing the problem?” and it appears to be the saturated fats. Well, these animal products are completely unnatural and saturated fats in all forms are not bad for you.

    Not only are there those three types of fats you mentioned, but each type has specific fatty acids and fat molecules that make up the larger category. All of these fatty acids work in your body in different ways. THEN, there are the trans-fats which are processed fats found both “naturally” in some animal products (processed animal products) and processed oils. Trans-fats are one of the worst food products you could eat (or things marketed as food) besides sugary sodas and artificial sweeteners.

    The unfortunate truth is that most western research and thus dietary recommendations are rooted in this trashy western diet. The food itself is a big advertisement– everything from McDonald’s to Organic. Most people are terrified to go out into the wild and forage because we’re afraid of wild food (with the exception of blackberries and foods we’ve seen in the grocery store). We’re terrified of wild food… but we’ll shove anything into our mouth if someone wraps it in a nice package and says “EAT.”

    It’s really sad. I feel like bad food hygeine has been beaten into us. A perfect human diet should be 100% local, seasonal and WILD. That’s just not profitable. We’re possibly *more* subject to famine and weather interuptions that way, but whether people know it or not a HUGE amount of money and work goes into fighting off pests and diseases that threaten the global food supply. It may seem like food will always be on the shelves, but the system is actually pretty fragile and requires so much effort to maintain.

    So really, we’re avoiding famine at the expense of the less-privileged and with the help of a system that has to constantly struggle to keep up with nature.

    • I didn’t do much editing and wrote this in one long tangent. sorry if it doesn’t make sense. I hope the basic point gets across. If it doesn’t, you basically made the same point anyway…. haha.

  3. By the way I haven’t been feeling great or getting any good sleep lately so excuse any anger or ranting and raving I have done. I have problems trying to sleep during the day a lot of times working night shifts.

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