Big Event Training/ Fund Raising

Okay… So I have been trying to get a team together for this Seal Challenge. The only problem is that the website hasn’t been updated for this year and looks like it may not be… So here is the change in course. We will set our sites and be training for the challenge below. This will be the first big team event for us. Hopefully we can do atleast one of these per year or something similar. We should get together for the rafting and river training and some camping/ Land Nav training and hiking as well. We will need to plan to get as many of us team members together a couple times before the event as possible because it will be kind of a big deal. It just so happens that I have my land Nav for marines at home too. I do well on that usually and it’s not like we should need to shoot a back azimuth or anything. Anyone at all interested let us know. We can put together more than one team. Driving instructions and all details are at the link below.

Lodging is $25.00 per person and the event is $175.00 per person. A grand total of $200.00 per person. 800 per 4 man team. This just tells me that we need to sell some shirts. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to have the majority of the fees covered by some fundraising. We don’t need to break ourselves to do this thing.

Speaking of Breaking ourselves… As I mentioned This is kind of a big deal as we will need to possess certain skills by the time of the event. Anyone unwilling to train for this thing won’t be on any of our teams! We don’t need someone hurting themselves or putting any of us in any unnecessary danger!

Some needed skills are:

  • climbing as in rope (from the pictures, climbing seems to be horizontal and spy rigged or whatever you would call that)
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Basic Survival skills
  • Land Navigation
  • General Physical Preparedness
  • Boat/paddling maneuvers

Peel out, ferry-forward, back ferry, eddy turns, stop (within reasonable distance), positions-sitting/kneeling- rocking/balance, forward in a straight line.

  • Paddle strokes

Forward and backstrokes, draw stroke, cross bow draw, bow sweep, stern sweep, stop.

  • Reading water

V’s-upstream/downstream; recognizing: rocks, horizon line, ledges, strainers, eddies, hydraulics.

  • River rescue/safety

How to swim in moving waters, foot entrapment prevention, aggressive swimming-self rescue, avoiding obstacles/strainers, broaching/pinning; communication: paddle signals/whistle use, rescue priorities (people, boats, gear), hypothermia: prevention and treatment, how to receive a throwrope, proper clothing; lifejacket: fit, types, (location of whistle/knife); helmets, bailers. Strainer drill, throwrope use: re-stuff/re-throw/belay position; boat over boat rescue; lining a boat/portage, rigging: gear attachment, throwrope location, load distribution) .

July 24th 2010

All finishing teams will receive prizes and top 3 teams win 700, 800, and 900.00 voucher prizes for more races with them. I’m not expecting to win my first one but I am expecting us to kick some ass.

Odyssey Adventure Race. New Castle Va.

Anyone interested leave a comment below or get into contact with me. More below on Training for this thing…

Here are my recommendations on our Event Specific Training:

  • Extensive physical training on endurance hiking/ rowing/ climbing (Things like rope climb/ Pullups/ Using a barbell to simulate paddling with lots of resistance while someone uses a whistle and hand and arm or voice commands for the different rows in order to train them in the gym)
  • rollover boat drills (intentionally flip it and roll it back and regroup without losing gear from the boat)
  • Plan 3 pre-event get togethers in Rockbridge county where my family owns quite a bit of land in the mountains. this will include camping/ hiking/ rafting or tubing down a river just for some kind of feel for the rough water and the aggressive swimming self rescue practice.
  • Plan 3 endurance hikes where we will possibly camp and go for long distances.
  • Condition like crazy starting 10 weeks out with power endurance/ Endurance/ Higher intensity training cycles.
  • I will also be making posts on here for any online information I find that will help us.

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