Jon’s Goals for the New Year

Goals are a very important starting point to changing your life for the better and making thoughts turn into action. I just thought I would post some of my goals for the new year and ask what yours are. To anyone who reads this please comment below what your goals are for the new year. If you have permissions on the website go ahead and make a new post of yours.

Here are mine

  • Get a Crossfit Trainer Certification
  • Compete in the Adventure race that you see a few posts back
  • Read and Write more (meaning in free time)
  • Learn more Martial Arts and compete in some tournaments

Also if anyone is wanting to train with me I will be available weekends only for January

One thought on “Jon’s Goals for the New Year

  1. I hope to stop complaining this year. I need to be more aware of every time I complain or come up with some excuse (in anything!) and I need to actively redirect myself from that mindset.
    I’ve discovered that I am some self-pitying fool most of the time.

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