1st Post in 2010

Some inspiration for the new year… These videos are amazing.

Shaolin Monk Brutal skills Demonstration

World record car jump on New Years ball drop

Today I did a 1.5 mile sprint/run. The cold air made it painful and I felt sluggish like I was running through sand. I will be going through Sgt’s Course Jan 4th- late February and will be doing some running in the next few days to condition a little because I’m not sure what PT will be like there.

Tomorrow I will do another some conditioning. It will look like this.

warmup: Handstand walking followed by a 1 mile run for time

then 4 rounds of 30 seconds work/ 10 seconds rest on the following

  • BB Clean & Press @ 105#
  • BB Back Squat @ 105#
  • Pushups w/50# on back
  • Floor Wipers @ 105#
  • Depth Jump w/ 25# plate overhead


Exercise ball single arm fly passovers w/ 25# x 1 minute

200# bodybag lift from floor to 50″ shelf (max repetitions in 2 minutes)

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