Update on Dave

Below is a post that Dave made. I am reposting it for him and just commenting up here. To answer your question about how to post it though Dave, It will be the “New Post” button on the toolbar of your wordpress account. You wouldn’t have been able to see it though until I give your email address permissions which I am doing now.

It’s good to here that your kicking ass on your diet and workout schedule. I won’t be able to hike Saturday morning probably for the simple reason that I can’t even walk today and have P.T. tomorrow and Friday. The instructors at Sergeants Course feel the need to have us do three different types of lunges for about 40 yards each as part of the dynamic warmup and then going into the circuit which includes sprints, more sprints, agility sprints, squat jumps, and tri-lunge squats among others. I should get used to it in the later weeks and will be able to do stuff. If you want to do some work in my garage I’m down for that though. I’ll just go easy on my legs. As for the motivation, check out the categories on the side labeled “contains video” and “inspiration”. There is some amazing stuff in there. Here are some of my personal favorites below though that get me pumped up.

Choose Not to fall

Damien Walters

Warriors! This may disturb some… Careful

Shaolin Monks

Not sure where to put this, but here’s the deal:

1/12/2010 – Today, I am at 183lbs. My goal over the next couple of months is to drop down (the healthy way) to 165. I am having a body fat assessment done today at the Quantico gym, and from there starting a strict workout plan. I will try to update my progress here as it goes along. I probably will need to figure out how to make a real post in order to do so.

On a side note, I’ve totally reconstructed my diet. Specifically I’ve eradicated two elements from my life.

1. Trans Fats
2. High Fructose Corn Syrup

Trans fats were easy to eliminate, HFCS on the other hand is nuts. Look into it you if doubt me. It is in absolutely EVERYTHING, it’s more addictive then cocaine, and it CAUSES hunger rather then relieving it. (it is believed that this is a major force in America’s obesity epidemic).

I’ve also been eating much more veggies, fruits, and NUTS! The essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals you receive from these seldomly consumed foods are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL! Last night, I ate a fist full of mixed nuts, a fist full of pistachios, about 8 strawberries, and a bunch of grapes. Now at 0514 I am not tired (been working since 2300), i am full of energy, not hungry, and ready to go workout. I hit the gym at 0730!


PS- Simmons: if you wanted to copy/paste this into a real post, and then explain to me how to do that, I wouldn’t be too terribly offended.

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