A quick update

I have still been getting destroyed in P.T. (Combat Conditioning) about 4 days a week at Sgt’s Course and have been real busy with preparing for tests, classes, drill, inspections and so on. This coming week we are expected to give a class, pass three tests including our second COMP which is 5 lessons and write a 7 page patrol order/ Warning order/ Map layout. It’s definitely good stuff though and I am learning a lot and getting some MOTO back from actually working close with other Marines for a change. I understand Land Navigation better than I ever have after today and could shoot an asimuth out of hell if I had to. I might add to this later. Going to Chili’s for beer and chips now before studying all weekend.

By the way. My first two tests were 100’s and my conduct an inspection was a 95.

2 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. congrats on the good test scores! I’ve been so busy with school, too, but it’s find and I think it’s good to be kept “on task.” Sometimes….

    We just got the package today. The olympic rings are pretty nice and sturdy. We’re going to put them on an old oak on our new trail and hopefully get some use out of them tomorrow.

    • Thanks, I’m looking forward to hearing how you guys like using the rings. Make sure you take pictures and videos when you start learning crazy tricks. It will take a while to get used to them. I could barely hold myself up when I started trying them and now I can do a little bit of stuff on there. I have a youtube video of me on the rings. You can also find people that really know what they are doing on there.

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