Sgt’s course week 4 update

First I just wanted some responses on something. Jess told me that she liked the way the old private site was set up better than this new blog. She told me that it was easier to navigate and use and that she liked the workout posted on there better than the way this site is set up as just a blog and people writing about what’s going on. The reason I changed is because no one did the workouts and I felt like I was wasting time with that. Anyway I just wanted opinions on that. What is more useful, helpful and entertaining for you guys?

On that note I also want to add that the old private site is still there for that reason. Members can still use that thing like always.

Sgt’s Course

4 weeks down and 3 to go. After the COMP, Patrol order (which turned out to be 9 pages for me), and fire plan sketch done I am maintaining a 95 average. I get a Commendatory Fitness Report for a 95 or more at the end of the course which would make me really competetive for promotion. Anyway some other things that went on was that power went out to the barracks and classroom Monday we were playing catchup the whole time. The TMI (Technical Military Instruction), Patrol order and COMP came Wed, Thurs and Friday consecutively. Needless to say I was very busy and working from about 0500- midnight everyday. This weekend I am getting a head start on making notes for COMP 3, writing my second TMI, and the homework and other things that aren’t due for a whileo I won’t be rushing later on to get it all done like this week.

I had no idea that we would have a death run on thursday. The fastest instructor took my group and we were falling out the whole way. We weren’t together at the top of the first hill so we went down and came back up it a second time. Then we did the same on a few more hills. The run ended up being about 8 miles on the powerline trail. I’m going to try to attach my TMI which is  a class I gave on the food pyramid and pyramids from other countries so that you guys can see it. I got it attached but I’m trying to figure out how you guys can see it. I’m having trouble with the lesson plan but the powerpoint should be there.

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