Week 5/ Water/ Nutritionist/ Cold weather Survival

Week 5 done. The weather is ridiculous with all this snow and changing our schedule constantly. My average dropped to a 94 and hopefully I can pull it back up. We got a really informative  2 hour class from the certified nutritionist from the gym here on base and I’ll highlight some good information out of that. I will also touch on some survival notes that we got from a cold weather combat instructor who is an infantry Sgt going through the course and trains Marines at Bridgeport for cold-weather mountain survival. I’m also making some good contacts in the course, one of which is an armorer and I’m going to try to get him to work on my AR, another is a MCMAP Black belt Instructor Trainer at Officer Candidate School that was in my platoon in boot camp and we ended up in class together. I’m going to get with him after this course to get some MCMAP belts and get some more grappling on.


  • First thing is the fact that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. I recently had a family member that I won’t name tell me that he has been drinking a lot of water because he has been doing long hours of labor. I asked him what a lot of water was to him and he told me “Two 16 oz bottles”. I guess that sums it up. I know for a fact that he drinks about 4 16 oz coffees with 4 creams and 4 sugars in each throughout the day.  If you didn’t know it the caffeine is a diahretic and dehydrates you also. In 37% of Americans the thirst mechanism is so weak that they mistake it for hunger due to their lack of drinking water regularly. Even mild dehydration can slow your metabolism down by 3%. Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.
  • Another good one she hit on was how much protein you need based on your size:

The equation is BODYWEIGHT/ 2.2 (kog) x1.3 (g/kg)= grams of protein per day. So for me that would be 185/ 2.2= 84.1, then 84.1 x 1.3 =109 g per day

  • Gatorade is ONLY needed after 60 minutes of work or more to restore glycogen and should be taken with water or watered down. Pay attention to servings on the bottle and don’t think you need to finish that 4 serving bottle at once.
  • She mentioned that “greek yogurt” has more protein than regular. I’d never heard of it but it’s something I’m going to check out. A brand of it is called “Chibanni” or something like that.
  • 500 calories a day = 1 pound per week. (meaning if you are try to lose or gain weight, you can eat, cut out or burn off 500 calories a day to lose or gain that 1 pound per week)
  • Metabolism is influenced by these factors
  1. age (younger is faster)
  2. body composition (more muscle burns more calories, more fat slows it down)
  3. gender (Males have a faster metabolism because they have more muscle)
  4. stress (Stress slows the metabolism)
  5. exercise (speeds up your metabolism AND relieves stress)


  • Use the restroom when you need to so that your body doesn’t waste energy keeping it warm.
  • Drink plenty of water in any extreme condition cold or hot
  • Stay comfortably cool and only add layers when needed
  • Do not wear cotton. Wear PolyPro’s or fleece then your uniform or clothes and then a Gore-Tex (or other waterproofing parka and pants) on top with waterproof boots.

Here is a story for you guys. You know I don’t give names on here without permission (for purposes of the story I’ll call him beast) but here is a little war story from the MCMAP Blackbelt IT from my bootcamp platoon. We were talking about some things we’d been doing since we last saw eachother and he got to talking about running convoys for the grunts in Iraq since we had that in common. I won’t go into details on exactly where he was in the country or the timeframe because I can’t remember and would be guessing but what ended up happening was he was driving a wrecker in a support convoy and came under heavy enemy fire. A vehicle behind him took an RPG to the cab and a guy he knew was uncocious in the passenger seat and wounded badly. So beast ended up fireman carrying his buddy under fire to the casevac vehicle pretty far away. Of course that conversation turned into the one I’ve had a few times with different people about not getting recognized for a medal or even a Cer Com while I’ve seen someone get two NAM’s on two seperate occasions for something as stupid as A-driving a chowhall 7-ton for a field op in the rear. Enough on that though. I won’t be a negative nancy. Here is a good workout you guys can try that my boy Brock passed to me if you’re up for it in the video below. If you’re in my gym ask me to show you “death by 6 cones” also.

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