Another Tri for Bryan/ All done but graduation for Jon

So since my last post we finished up the last of our tests and did some killer P.T. sessions. We ran a rough hill run on icy roads the day after mess night with hangovers in 23 degrees. That was a rough one. That came after having a two week period of no P.T. from snow also. I gave a class on surveillance/ counter- surveillance operations along with plenty of other tests also. Anyway I ended with a 94.18 so no directors honor roll. This was a busy two months but I learned a lot and should be better off for my next promotion. As far as fitness and nutrition, we got some good college level training. I posted some of those main points on nutrition that I didn’t already know on that last post. The biggest thing I took away from the p.t. here is the dynamic warm-ups, rather than static stretching before a workout, The speed and agility drills and although none of the other stuff was new to me I was reminded that I’m not in as good of shape as I think I am. We did a killer Tabata session in the little gym the other day that consisted of tri-lunge squats, knees to elbows, ammo can press, and burpees and then some abs and bag drills followed by a quick circuit. We bought a “Stamina” brand precision hydraulic rower for $175.00. It seems to be alright but we’ll have to see after a few months of intense sessions on it. Now I’m ready to head full force into this adventure race training, or (if we can’t get a team together for it) I may join Bryan in his race. I post more details on that training as it occours.

Other than that I need to decide what to do with the rest of my life. If I decline the reenlistment to fullfill the HRST (Recruiting) orders that I may be getting I will not be allowed to get back in the military. I didn’t want to re-enlist at all unless I get SSgt really fast but they are forcing my hand early. So I have a lot to think about.

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