Not so healthy Fruit Juice and sports drinks

I know the last few posts have hit on this a lot, but I think it needs to be drilled into some peoples heads. I was recently visiting family and they were offering us some drinks. They open the fridge and show us the sodas and a few things and then say “or you can have some gatorade or water” as if it were nearly the same thing. I explained to them that  gatorade the “thirst quencher” is made for people doing more than an hour of work who have burnt all of the ATP out of their muscles and need to restore the glucose and sodium in their body ALONG WITH lots of water in order to rehydrate AND re-energize. Not to mention that the size bottle you see people carrying around has 2.5 servings in it. When I was a kid I remember reaching into a store refrigerator to get a gatorade and a man leaned down and told me to be careful. His friend had gotten diabetes from drinking too many. I never really knew or cared why at the time. Not to bash Gatorade but a sports drink is meant for sports. Think about this. A little 12oz of soda has about 60g of sugar in it. READ THE LABELS on your food and drink. If it comes close to that you may want to consider them a dessert… or don’t. It’s in your hands. drinking Fruit juices aren’t any better. Some fruit juices and smoothies contain more sugar than a soda. If you want the fruit juice eat the actual fruit, rather than the juice with enough sugar in the first place plus added sugar and whatever else is in them. If you are drinking fruit juices I recommend light juices and cut atleast in half with water. Check out this video by Sean Croxton if you want to see more facts about it… I don’t know what kind of horse they are talking about.

3 thoughts on “Not so healthy Fruit Juice and sports drinks

    • I hope I’m not replying to spam here, but the answer to your question is that I found the video online and then read the label on a vitamin water to see that it was true. I only post things here that I am sure about.

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