Sat. April 24 Competition/ Cookout


Join members of AAI for a day of food, fun, and fitness You will leave with knowledge and you may leave with a prize. All fitness levels are invited…

Where:  Richmond Va. (email me for details)

When: April 24, 2010 Between 2:30 P.M.- whenever


Events will include…

  • Power-Endurance Competition
  • Fitness show and tell
  • Cookout

Outlast the other competitors or bring the most people out and you will leave with a prize. If you are coming let me know so that we can plan accordingly. I will assume that participants who show up have read this.

Competitors participate at their own risk. You may be asked to sign a form upon arrival.

One thought on “Sat. April 24 Competition/ Cookout

  1. Dude. I am planning a hike. As you would expect, we have 0 days off together this month. I may even make this an overnight camping extravaganza, depending on who wants to jump in. It will take place either the 14-16 or the 21-23. The hike is 2 hrs from my house pretty much at the border of VA and WV. I would prefer this be an all male event that focuses on self improvement, challenge, and self reflection. The hike is one of the most secluded in the area, and we aren’t likely to run into a single other person while we’re out there. Good idea to pack survival gear (machete is absolutely required), plenty of food/water, a gun, and overnight gear should we stay the night. If you are willing and able, let me know and we’ll see what we can work with the dates. If you are unable due to jessica, let me know so I am not waiting on you.

    -Sgt Helgran

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