March Schedule

Here is March’s Schedule. I am posting it on here so that it will be archived under “calendar/ Schedule” on the category cloud. I am going to start putting together the April schedule on the Schedule page.

Blue= on your ownRed= With AAI

Green= Significant Event

If you are training with me it will be a surprise until you get here. If you are on your own and would like a training description for home stuff just let us know.

__AAI Training Schedule___
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Mar 1Strength Max’s-


Rest/ Cardio Speed/ Agility-Butler Stadium Circuit-
Strength (Max’s) -Garage REST
Mar 71 mile hill run fast

Poynter street

Strength-Garage 4 mile run (medium pace)-Lake Lunga REST/ Light Cardio Plyo/ Core-Garage 3.5 mile run fast-Prince William Park REST
Mar 143 mile run easy Power- Endurance-Garage Parkour Techniques-
Lake Lunga
Circuit-Garage Strength-Garage REST REST
Mar   21Power- Endurance


Strength-Garage REST Cardio/Core Calisthenics conditioning-Housing gym 4 mile run-Lunga Lake Strength/ Core-Garage REST
Mar 28Parkour Techniques-/ Crossfit Swift

Lake Lunga

Strength-Garage Calisthenics conditioning-Garage Strength-Garage REST Power- EnduranceGarage REST

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