So I went on my first trail ride with a buddy on the K2 mountain bike that I picked up for $50.00. It was a fun and exhausting 2 and a half hours up and down large hills. After the ride we came across a perfect 5ft hickory log and had to bring it with us back to the garage. It felt like a good 300+ pounds. I’m looking forward to crushing souls with some log drills.

On another note…

Before reading this, know that I drink Coca Cola and have no problems with drinking the product occasionally, only the fact that they are marketing sugar as a health product, and that they are sponsoring Jane Fonda.

I’ve been battling people and educating others on the misinformation and nutritional fictions put out by advertisers, “hollywood fitness professionals”, and companies. If you had already seen my post about vitamin water here… , you will know what I’m talking about. If not check it out. What I’m getting to though is that Jane Fonda, along with Richard Simmons and others are hosting a Coca Cola sponsored “World Fitness Day” for the modest price of $75.00. I am just wondering why they are letting Coca Cola sponsor them when they are a big source of the problem. I mentioned this and someone commented saying “Coca Cola makes water also”. Okay yes they do sell 12oz bottles of water for $1.00 under the name Dasani, but if you are talking about “Vitamin Water”, you may as well have a vitamin Mountain dew. Here is the World Fitness day link for those of you that want to help raise sales for Coca Cola and help them market with the “TCG” agency that monitors your internet habits in order to selectively advertise products into your face. Click here for the website

On another note, be sure to come out to our World fitness day on April 24th in Richmond where Coca Cola will not be a sponsor and Jane Fonda won’t be there.By the way ours is free.

Also, click here for a good documentary showing the effects of Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks and how poisonous they are to your body.

AND… I had a McDonalds breakfast the other day. Yeah I break my own rules. I figure if I’m atleast aware of what I’m doing and avoid it 9 times out of 10 I’ll be better off. Anyway we got our meal with an orange juice and a milk and guess what the sugar count was… 12g in the milk, and 30 in the orange juice. That’s 1/6 of a soda and 1/2 of a soda right there. Needless to say we didn’t finish our drinks…

One thought on “WORLD FITNESS DAY

  1. I have PLENTY of reasons to object to Jane Fonda. Not the least of which was her traitor behavior during the Vietnam war. I’m sorry to see a product like Coca Cola sponsoring her for anything.

    Is teenage abortion something we want to sponsor? I think not! Why not teenage education. Besides, her friend Obama has a plan to pay for any abortions with our tax dollars.

    If a girl wants to break any moral codes & then wants an abortion, let her & the boy responsible pay for their own abortion. Is anyone willing to raise money for me if I mistakenly get drunk, fall down & break a bone? No, sorry, I’ll have to pay for it myself. There should be consequences to bad behavior.

    It’s hard to imagine any more ridiculous combination of fund raising events!

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