Gallery and an update…

Check the sidebar for some new links. The photo gallery has been remade. We ended up going with Facebook as the gallery because it is the best thing we could find for free and the old gallery is now named 2009 archives. “Urban Freeflow” is a freerunning forum that has all the latest news, and information from the parkour world. We now have an AAI facebook page that has been getting a lot of attention already with 14 members in it’s second day. Gym Jones has recently been making a lot of changes and are more open and expanding. Check their website on the sidebar for those changes.

3 of us have improved on some Personal Records lately. I brought my back squat up 10 lbs. Bryan PR’ed on Snatch and Dead lift recently. Jessica learned the dead lift and Strict press today and PR’ed at 135 dead lift and 75# strict press with great form. See the sidebar for our personal records and the AAI facebook page for quick updates and the daily workouts that everyone is posting. I may get around to writing this months schedule again but for now there is too much going on for me to schedule anything other than what’s up there.

You are Powerful beyond measure!

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