A revolution in Wellness

We all know someone battling diabetes, Obesity, cancer, heart disease or another form of food based sickness.

This is just the Obesity map alone. Virginia is in the 25-29% range

Help revolutionize health in the American society as we know it. We have been blindly guided into a lifestyle of sickness long enough. With the technology in front of us to reach out to so many people, why let it hold us to our armchairs playing more games? Let’s use this technology to educate, encourage, and inspire!

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Below is the message we need to get out.

Waves of disease in the form of E Coli, Samonella, and mad cow disease (which is the effect of forced cannibalism of the animal to minimize food cost) among others are created by a broken food industry,  but have been passed off to us as the norm. All we hear about it is “Don’t eat peanut butter for a week”.

The first video shows Parkour athlete Daniel Ilibaca’s message that creativity has been lost in the physical world and contained in video games and electronics and a deeper message that when your mind has committed, your body will adapt and overcome anything.

Choose not to Fall

This next video shows Sean Croxton’s views on the simple reality of who should handle your health… YOU

Underground Wellness on Independent Health Care

The last video shows British chef Jamie Oliver explaining the disease that is OBESITY which has attacked America, UK and countries around the world and is more prevelant now than ever. It also shows how uneducated kids are on health and how cooking in your kitchen and paying attention can reverse the sickness.

Jamie Oliver_Childhood Obesity

Join Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution by signing his petition here…


Only if you are ready with an open mind to pull the veil off of our food industry and have some time on your hands, this is how bad it’s gotten.


Stop being a blind sheep. This is only a new beginning to a better you and a healthier community.

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