APR 22 Update

More PR’s this week and I stuck the flying pullup that I had been trying to do for a while. (a while means more than a year). It’s on video below. I’ve been doing a lot but not posting much so I figured I would atleast make some videos.

Today I did flying pullups, One arm Snatches with a 65# bar, and Clean & Press from 115- 155 in tens for PR. I followed that with a pyramid of 1-4 up on 1 arm pullups (I could only do negatives), ring dips, and ring pushups. I ended it with Tabatas on the rower. Those always kill.

New PR’s:

Bryan- 115# Snatch, 240# Deadlift

Jon- 155# Clean and Press, 175# Back Squat and something on the Front Squat

Jess- She has some up there but they are her first attempts at Oly lifting. Check them out

check here for Personal Records.

Flying pullup video: Pushing the Limits

Strength video: 3 Rounds for Strength

You may have noticed I’ve been checking out Jamie Oliver’s food revolution lately. You can see the episodes free here… Food Revolution

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