Beach Vacation

Back from OBX. Videos and Pictures will be posted later. To sum it up… Jet skiing, drinking, Sailing, working out, drinking, boogie boarding to death (almost literally), drinking, hot tubing, playing pool, eating fresh seafood and having a good time in the sun. There was some rain but nothing some drinking and a hot tub can’t fix. Now time to put the drinks away and get back into a good rhythm. Here are some workouts we did manage to fit into all of the play. Some bike riding and swimming most everyday and these… (I may have forgotten some but it was something like this)

Here is a video we got. Turn the volume up and make it full screen if you’re ready to party. Vacation Video

Kathleen and I killed this Conditioning circuit
3 rounds for 1 minute each of
Knees to elbows on a rope
rope climb (for me)/ jumping pullups (for her)
Air Squats
Walking Lunges
Then static chair/ Planks for 1:00 each

I Finished this with Phil some strength and some explosive power training.
3 rounds of
squat jumps in pool w/44#KB x15 (yes underwater to add breathing stress)
Muscle up transitions x25 (on the side of the pool. Top of pull to overhand and dip)
Human flag in pool x1:00 each side
Fireman’s carry
underwater lap swims x2:00
Then we finished with 5 under water laps holding the 44# KB (we got a video of this that will be edited and posted later)

I also did a strength session strictly with the KB on my own
It went like this
3 rounds
Clean & Press x12
Snatch x8
Goblet Squat x12
Pistol Squat x8 (no weight)
and uneven Pushups (One hand on KB)

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