Bryans Tri and a new page on here

You will notice an Exclusive Media page which has videos you probably haven’t seen. These were previously private until Youtube created a new “Unlisted” option for privacy. Anyway Check that out.

Here are the results for Bryan’s newest Triathlon. He was out there alone so I’ll repost his video from the previous TRI on here.

Here are my results. My times were about like I thought. I was also correct that each one was shorter than the time before.

On the swim my 300m time was 5:48 My estimated swim time was 6:00, so I came pretty close. Last time was 8:07 but that was 400m

My bike time for 20k was 42:53. My time in the previous one was 47:02. I changed my knobby tires for slick road tires and added toe clips to my pedals, so they seem to have helped a lot.

My run changed very little but for the better. This time 28:20. Last time 28:35

My transitions were also better. This time they were 2:35 for the swim-to-bike transition and 0:48 for the bike-to-run (all I had to do was rack my bike, take off my helmet and put on my running hat).

Last time they were 5:00 (!) for the swim-to-bike and 1:43 for the bike-to-run. I think I must have fallen asleep for a couple minutes in the first transition last time. : )

Here was a recent session he and I did also just to show some training that led up to it. He did bricks of bike/ swim/ run and Crossfit to train as well.

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