Invest in your health!!! Take 5 seconds to click here and vote for Sean. He is running to take over a new show for Oprahs search for the next T.V. star. He is the voice that can revolutionize Health and Wellness. Let’s start the Revolution in actual wellness. Bring the truth to the forefront…udition/index.html?request=video_details&response_id=23365&promo_id=1

It’s time for the insanity to stop! Our health is being exploited by the pharmaceutical and processed food industries. The poor information being disseminated to the public is one of the primary root causes of our disease epidemic. My show is about TRUTH and CHOICES! We need to know that our health choices go well beyond picking our insurance plans. The public must be reconnected with what real food and health really are. The key is edu-tainment, or educating while entertaining. My vision is a one-hour show complete with opening monologue, interviews with alternative health practitioners and/or discussion panels including those who work in the holistic and conventional medical worlds. I also envision fitness and cooking segments intended for those of all ages and abilities. I cannot count how many emails I have received from fans suggesting that I be on the Oprah show. If I could have my own show, millions will be reached and the world will be a healthier place. Thank you!

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