Crossfit total

Bryan challenged me to the Crossfit total the other day. Today was Jess’ first attempt at Crossfit total and my second following these rules strictly CFTotal.pdf . We both set PR’s on two of the events each. I dropped from 295 on the deadlift.  Jess and I also filmed it and will be showing that later in exclusive media up top.

Jessica —270

Back Squat- 115 up from around 95 (she couldn’t remember)

Strict Press- 70 down from 75

Deadlift- 155 up from 135

Jon —585 down from 590

Back Squat- 195 up from 165 (That’s right!)

Strict Press- 125 up from 120

Deadlift- 265 down from 295 (It’s been that way since the marathon)

Bryan  —565

back squat- 205

strict press- 105

DL- 255

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