Recruiters School Update

Below is an email I wrote about the first week. Since then we have done the other two speeches and a test. The P.T. here has been pretty rough but it’s fun.
hey guys. I’m pretty busy out here but wanted to update you guys real quick. We had a Physical Fitness test and a quiz the second day after a ton of screening, urinalysis and checking in. We got a weekend to recover and make 200 note cards and then gave two speeches yesterday. We have two more speeches tomorrow that will be longer and more requirements and our first comprehensive exam monday. They say this class is the toughest business class in the country because we learn in a week what college students get a year to Master and do a better job of it. The first speech was an “Impact” speech where they gave us a topic right before we stepped up front to talk. My topic was about my “Favorite Car”. The instructor was joking that I am too serious before hand but I saw him laughing the whole time and at the end he said I “really surprised him. It went something like this.
Good morning class.
My name is Sgt Simmons and I am your local Marine Corps Representative.
I was asked today to talk to you about my favorite car.
Now who all in here has that favorite muscle car back home sitting in the garage? (attention gainer)
Hopefully by the end of this speech you will have a better understanding of what my favorite car is.
Imagine a car, that doesn’t require a key…
you just touch two wires together and you are ready to roll.
A car that costs $10 to fill up and will get you anywhere you need to go.
A car with bald tires designed for fishtailing into the right lane of the highway where you will stay at a safe and comfortable top speed of 60 Miles per hour.
A car that doesn’t have nor need an air conditioner or radio because with no passenger floorboard you have the soothing sounds, winds and sometime splashes of puddles to set the mood.
Hopefully by now you all have a better understanding of what my favorite car is.
Again my name is Sgt Simmons and I am your local Marine Corps representative.
I challenge each and every one of you to meet me in the back of the classroom to talk to me about mine or your favorite car and grab a business card with my contact and facebook information on it.
Thank you for having me.
Anyway I have my speaches written out for Leadership and Physical fitness during my life in the Marine Corps so back to work. By the way these are all being recorded on a DVD so I’ll try to keep a copy. Back to work. See you guys later

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