Monthly Challenge/ Tough Mudder

One thing I wanted to do in order to keep the website rolling a little bit in a positive direction and reach out to people is to post a challenge once a month. The challenge will be posted here by me and results/routines/videos/pictures etc. can be posted here by anyone willing to show a piece of themselves to help someone and better themselves.

Examples of the challenge are to see how many minutes you can knock off a one mile run in a month. See how many pullups you can add to your max in a month. See how much fat percentage you can shed in a month. Make suggestions to me for challenges and I’ll post them up. Give me some ideas. The challenge I’m posting for now is pullups. Flex arm hang time if you can’t do one. Post where you’re at now and update us. I’ll try to keep my stuff posted up there regularly. Also I plan to run this Tough Mudder in October. It is on a Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd so let me know if you’re coming.

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