Another long week over in the world of recruiting. I called out some Dinwiddie H.S. football players to P.T. after they told me in a class talk that there is no way I’m tougher than Coach Mills. Needless to say they didn’t show for P.T. but 3 of their fellow classmates showed up thursday… I went a little extra rough in the wet mud and up and down hills…

You want to move slow, go GET UP! GET DOWN! GET UP! 4 of our poolees literally passed out from having the heart to stay in it up and down the hills all day. The new kids quit and I sent them to sit out. One guy had said he wants to be a Navy Seal. Good luck with that. I don’t think they will be coming back to P.T. anytime soon with the MARINES. I just wanted them to carry the message back to Dinwiddie that I don’t F around!

I ran a 280 Combat Fitness Test on jello legs the next day.

If anyone hasn’t seen the 236th Marine Corps Birthday message, you need to check this out

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