Shaking Up Your Routine

Life is dynamic. It changes constantly and every time your work yourself into a good routine, something new comes along to knock it down. If you’ve pushed yourself hard in the past through intense workout programs and you KNOW you can do it, keeping it going may be more about your ability to adapt to life’s changes than your ability to actually do the work. If life were simple and predictable, there would probably be a lot more people keeping fit than there are. Without that predictability, it’s easy to shrug off your routine and start feeling sorry for yourself– telling yourself that you would do it if only this or that new obstacle hadn’t gotten in the way.

Let’s face it, life is all about work. Think of your body in the way you think of your house. You clean your dishes, you sweep the floor, you wash the laundry and the next day it has to be done all over again. Every day you have to wake up and work on your body, work on your diet, cook healthy food (wash the dishes, put away the leftovers, etc). Every day is work and it requires diligence. The moment you let the work slide, that’s when the house starts to fall apart. Next thing you know there is a pile of dishes sitting in the sink and you’re sitting on the couch eating a microwave pizza because there were no clean pots or pans to prepare any decent food with.

Keep yourself working. Remember diligence and consistency keep your momentum going and they are absolutely key to your success. Keep your house clean as the day goes along and you won’t have a big mess to clean up at the end of the week. Keep your body in top condition and you won’t find yourself 20 lbs overweight at the start of the new year.

If you have woken up to a big mess and you’re not sure where to start, just start slowly. One thing at a time. Get your body moving and get your heart rate up. You’ll feel better. Then spend some time putting together a plan to keep yourself from getting knocked off course by the challenges that fall in your path. Keep yourself motivated by putting inspirational quotes on the fridge or the wall or in front of your game system (anywhere that you’ll see them often). Set up a corner in the living room where you can put up a work out schedule or a poster with different bodyweight exercises that you can take a few minutes a day to do. Better yet, do 20 push ups every time you set foot in the kitchen, or do 30 squats every time you head to the bathroom. The more you incorporate your fitness into your lifestyle, the more successful you will be.

There is always time to change.

The Secret to fitness!

What is the big secret?

Well, I’ll start this off by saying when I think about the times I was the most fit in my life it was either beat into me in training or… I was doing something I loved to do. Playing baseball, and riding bmx bikes as a kid and teenager were two of mine (along with pretty much anything extreme). I don’t play much baseball now but riding bikes is just as fun as always (on a mountain bike now rather than a bmx bike). The stress of work and adult life in general can lead to laziness, anger, and depression IF YOU LET IT, or you can live like a kid and be in great shape and health with a little knowledge. I was going to write a long, drawn out paragraph leading you guys down a tangent only to dissapoint you with this simple answer. I just feel like there is no reason to beat around the bush. Do active things that you love to do. Things that you have fun doing or had fun doing as a kid. Maybe just things that you’ve seen other people do and always wanted to try. I guess if you are one of those guys that is allergic to the sun and only love eating sugar you may be hopeless.

From doing what you love, the next step is work hard at it. Then comes setting goals for yourself. If you ride bikes, think about a bike race. Constantly press forward and you will succeed in meeting those goals. Never forget to take good music with you either. document your progress. There are many other ways to improve on what you are doing. These are simply the beginning.

When I started getting back into shape in 2008 it was the internet and other peoples ideas that got me started saying “I want to do that” and made me reinvent myself and my training (I realized that bodybuilding workouts didn’t build the power needed for muscle- ups, fighting or parkour. Only strength within a limited range of motion). Before you jump off a building… Know your limits… and erase them

Nutrition is possibly the most important factor to a persons fitness. If you love to cook you may be alright.

There is no big secret as most people would have you believe. This post is meant to inspire.

Gallery and an update…

Check the sidebar for some new links. The photo gallery has been remade. We ended up going with Facebook as the gallery because it is the best thing we could find for free and the old gallery is now named 2009 archives. “Urban Freeflow” is a freerunning forum that has all the latest news, and information from the parkour world. We now have an AAI facebook page that has been getting a lot of attention already with 14 members in it’s second day. Gym Jones has recently been making a lot of changes and are more open and expanding. Check their website on the sidebar for those changes.

3 of us have improved on some Personal Records lately. I brought my back squat up 10 lbs. Bryan PR’ed on Snatch and Dead lift recently. Jessica learned the dead lift and Strict press today and PR’ed at 135 dead lift and 75# strict press with great form. See the sidebar for our personal records and the AAI facebook page for quick updates and the daily workouts that everyone is posting. I may get around to writing this months schedule again but for now there is too much going on for me to schedule anything other than what’s up there.

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