Independence Day

Enjoy the fireworks and Beer, but Remember why we celebrate this day. I may not post anything for the next two months. I’ll be in Cali and am not sure about the internet situation. I just picked up some Vibram 5 finger KSO toe shoes to test so you better believe I’ll be hitting it out there.


Schedule/ Hike/ Gallery/ video

I am working on a public training schedule so that I can put the training and event dates out there for everyone. I will have a new video up by the end of this weekend for Bryan and I am also working on a new photo gallery. I actually have Jess working on the new gallery though. We went on a little 5 mile hike with Gunner (our Black Lab) through a snowy trail in our park near base. It was a good time. I am trying to clean the blog up and start bringing more people in. I am also trying to figure out when I’m leaving and if this Adventure race will still be going. I’ll keep you guys updated on that. Here is the new schedule that I just got. Maybe I will find a better one later but this will work for now. It is located in the page tabs at the top… calandars chedule