Crossfit Swift

Just an update on what’s been going on lately. Mainly I’ve been catching up with family since I will be leaving soon for recruiting. Sunday I did some Tabata squats with Jess as part of a bigger session.

Monday I went down to Crossfit Swift with Bryan for my one free session. We did a form check on some of the basic lifts (Concept 2 Rowing, Back Squat, Strict Press, Push Press, Deadlift, Air Squat, Wallball, Kettle bell swing, and probably some others that I can’t think of right now).

That was followed up by a quick 3 rounds of 300m Row, 5 Deadlifts (I used 175, Bryan at 155), and 7 Push-Presses at 95lbs. Bryan beat me by 1 minute finishing in 7:38 and me at 8:30 (That might not be exact). My Aerobic capacity isn’t what it was a few months ago.

Overall the instructor Jenn said our form was good on everything. She gave us a few pointers and made slight corrections. Overall it was a good time and I would love to go back if I get a chance. It was good to work out with Bryan also since we don’t actually get to do it much. He had me pushing myself a lot harder over there.

I also found a log in the woods the other day and brought it home. I’m not sure of the weight but it is pretty big. That will be a fun tool to have.

As far as the website goes, I am working on changing the look so you might see it go back and forth as I’m straightening things out. Jess is working on the gallery for it so we should have that straight too. The current gallery is garbage and can’t store any more pictures.

Reality Check, Skeptics, and Sports injuries

I do what I do because it is what I want to do by choice. I don’t do it to inspire or encourage someone else, but if I do great. I do it to test and prepare myself. I like to do extreme things like walk the edge of a jagged mountain or cliff. I like to fight. I like to train harder than the average person and in dangerous enviroments with potentially dangerous methods because that is the only way to be fully in the moment and aware. Some choose to hide behind their excuses. I understand that what I do involves a level of risk and I accept that risk and take responsibility for for it. I understand that there is risk in stopping the bloodflow to my brain by being choked. I understand that a joint can be broken by submission and that a fall from a large rock might kill me. I also understand that being shot in a foreign land or beaten to death for not being properly prepared is a risk I take. Weigh your own risks and rewards. The risks I take will hopefully reward me with the preservation of my life if I am in that situation, and living a better life if I am not. I choose to face my fears. I do this not by hoping I’ll be okay, but by making sure and readying my body and mind for the next task whatever it may be. More below on the point of this and a comment I recieved… Continue reading

What do we do?

See the method here… or hear me rant below…

Still trying to figure out just what it is we are doing? Maybe “we are training for everything” is very vague. Or maybe it’s just really vague. Either way I’ll try to clear some things up a little bit. Our goal is to hit all skills and all energy systems from all angles (using different tools such as barbell, kettlebell, homemade stuff) at randomized interval. Not only are we doing this, but we are cycling our training to allow rest and transition to different training methods and capacities with a focus on Core strength and full body work for a balance of strength   , speed, power etc… Since we are somewhat encouraging people in public to participate in the training shown on the public site, we hold back a little on what we show and what we post here and some things will be shown after the fact… Continue reading