Deep thoughts: Experience Vs Credit/ Perception and expectation

If you can not change your life and your body, how will you ever use your body to manipulate the world around you and have your name remembered?

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I will start with Perception.

There are some things that I feel the need to address because if one person is saying it, there must be others thinking it. What I am talking about is how people have been judging me lately and how I have been judging myself. Continue reading

A revolution in Wellness

We all know someone battling diabetes, Obesity, cancer, heart disease or another form of food based sickness.

This is just the Obesity map alone. Virginia is in the 25-29% range

Help revolutionize health in the American society as we know it. We have been blindly guided into a lifestyle of sickness long enough. With the technology in front of us to reach out to so many people, why let it hold us to our armchairs playing more games? Let’s use this technology to educate, encourage, and inspire!

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Below is the message we need to get out. Continue reading