Another long week over in the world of recruiting. I called out some Dinwiddie H.S. football players to P.T. after they told me in a class talk that there is no way I’m tougher than Coach Mills. Needless to say they didn’t show for P.T. but 3 of their fellow classmates showed up thursday… I went a little extra rough in the wet mud and up and down hills…

You want to move slow, go GET UP! GET DOWN! GET UP! 4 of our poolees literally passed out from having the heart to stay in it up and down the hills all day. The new kids quit and I sent them to sit out. One guy had said he wants to be a Navy Seal. Good luck with that. I don’t think they will be coming back to P.T. anytime soon with the MARINES. I just wanted them to carry the message back to Dinwiddie that I don’t F around!

I ran a 280 Combat Fitness Test on jello legs the next day.

If anyone hasn’t seen the 236th Marine Corps Birthday message, you need to check this out

FY 300

So, I wasn’t on the internet much in Cali but really a lot went on that I could talk about… Maybe later. I finished up the class with a 95%. I did just enough drinking and spent lots of money. I met some cool people, saw old friends and got some good training. I got about 6 certificates for public speaking, Professional selling skills etc… My Combat Fitness Test score out there was a 281. 270-300 is first class. I grappled a MCMAP black belt and got tapped twice and a broken blood vessel in my eye from not tapping on a choke that I got out of. I gave him a good fight for quite a while though and he was hurting the next day. I have noticed a lot of changes in myself from the school . Mainly in that I am more comfortable approaching strangers and holding a conversation or finding out a specific thing and just my body language and approachability.

I’m glad to be home though. In my inbox before I left I had an email from a Marine Captain moving here. A black belt instructor that did Crossfit but didn’t like the elitist mentality. It would have been awesome to work out with him if I wasn’t moving so I let him know the best deal on base and what I was doing.

The last thing I wanted to talk about on here is the “300 workout”. I checked out the website when I got back to see what was going on and saw the post Sara made. It inspired me to try 300 again. This workout is like that mountain that intimidates me. There isn’t much that I won’t do but I’ve been putting that off and keep telling myself I’m not ready. You may have seen my older video which is now Members only from my garbage attempt two years ago. I just tried it again and was a little better until I crashed. I was about 20 into Floor Wipers when my face started going numb… I literally couldn’t move my lip or cheek and my eye was twitching. I decided to stop there and not kill myself. I named the video FY 300. Mark Twight made an actual workout called FY 300 that consists of 5:00 for calories burned or death on an Airdyne bike. His reason for the FY was different for mine though because he was sick of people taking advantage of his work and making a joke of it. Rectuiters school did a “Spartan 300” workout also that was a 3 mile run with pushups, squats, and leg lifts or something like that. I remember thinking the same thing during that. It was a joke compared to the real thing. Here is my newest attempt.

I decided that the numbness was either due to too drinking last night during UFC, not being acclimatized to Virginia, or maybe both. I guess I’ll try this one again later. It’s still hanging over my head.

Picking Yourself Up

I’ve gone through so many ups and downs when it comes to diet, fitness and weight loss. It seems like the most important challenge that I face every single day is not giving in to my doubts. Even after weeks, months, or years it can be easy to start sliding backwards and within a few months of losing your ground, it can feel like you are starting back at the beginning.

Right now I am working on combatting this. I have been pushing myself every single day to dosomething and when I’ve proven to myself that I can do it, then it’s easier to push even harder. My workouts for the past week have been very consistent and very intense and my diet is much cleaner than it has been over the past several months, or perhaps even this past year. I can already see and feel the changes in my body, but most importantly, I can feel it in my mind.

I want to talk about one experience that I had when I was seventeen and I had spent 5 weeks in the woods. I was overweight, out of shape, but I was there for a challenge. I was curious about finding my limits, but unfortunately  I was not determined. I was with a group of people who were athletes of all different types and their fitness intimidated me, because I really believed that some people were just made that way and some people weren’t– they were athletes and I wasn’t, and I couldn’t be.

It was the last day of the trip and we had a long hike ahead of us, 5.5 miles where we would ascend nearly 2,500 feet– so it was constantly uphill, and then 5.5 miles downhill. The challenge, like the mountain, loomed over me and threatened my courage. I convinced myself that I couldn’t do it. I was crying, pleading with the crew leaders and on the verge of a panic attack.

But I did it. When I realized I had no choice, and that they would not leave me behind, I was able to turn off the doubt and I did it. We hiked quickly, too. My heart was racing and my breath was fast, but I kept climbing and climbing until we reached the summit of the mountain and I was standing on the deck of an old fire tower looking out at the sweeping landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains.

It’s easy to forget great accomplishments if you let yourself. It’s easy to forget that your doubts are just your imagination, and it’s really easy to forget, or to not even know or appreciate, all that your body can do. Our bodies are made to work. Our bodies are made to carry us through this life and they are made to overcome the challenges imagined by a weak mind.

I am about to start Day 8 of really challenging myself and changing my life. This past week has been the most fulfilling week I’ve had in a long time. I started this in some ways to battle the chronic and lingering depression that I was feeling, and I have to say that it really seems to be working.

When you wake up in the morning, and you see mountains on the horizon– ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE. You will make it.