Crossfit Swift

Just an update on what’s been going on lately. Mainly I’ve been catching up with family since I will be leaving soon for recruiting. Sunday I did some Tabata squats with Jess as part of a bigger session.

Monday I went down to Crossfit Swift with Bryan for my one free session. We did a form check on some of the basic lifts (Concept 2 Rowing, Back Squat, Strict Press, Push Press, Deadlift, Air Squat, Wallball, Kettle bell swing, and probably some others that I can’t think of right now).

That was followed up by a quick 3 rounds of 300m Row, 5 Deadlifts (I used 175, Bryan at 155), and 7 Push-Presses at 95lbs. Bryan beat me by 1 minute finishing in 7:38 and me at 8:30 (That might not be exact). My Aerobic capacity isn’t what it was a few months ago.

Overall the instructor Jenn said our form was good on everything. She gave us a few pointers and made slight corrections. Overall it was a good time and I would love to go back if I get a chance. It was good to work out with Bryan also since we don’t actually get to do it much. He had me pushing myself a lot harder over there.

I also found a log in the woods the other day and brought it home. I’m not sure of the weight but it is pretty big. That will be a fun tool to have.

As far as the website goes, I am working on changing the look so you might see it go back and forth as I’m straightening things out. Jess is working on the gallery for it so we should have that straight too. The current gallery is garbage and can’t store any more pictures.

AAI Hoodies available

I had to update the post as they couldn’t use our other graphics on the sweatshirts. A little less detail in this one but it will work. See our STORE for all products.

I put in an order for 11 Jerzeez 50/50 Hooded sweatshirts With the design below. MOLAN LABE (come and get them) was the reply from the extremely outnumbered Spartans at the Hot Gates when the persians told them and Allies to lay down their weapons. I think that applies. 7000 men held off millions for 7 days and allowed the rest of Sparta to counter attack and chase off remaining Persian forces. The full story on Thermopyle is here.

The picture is one I recreated from another original and was altered by Custom Ink into the one you see below. I drew it to symbolize Military and Civilians coming together to work and Fight in unison for a greater cause in fighting the War on Terror not only away, but also at home. The mountains symbolizing challenges and hardship lying ahead (and in a more literal sense, the climbs and hikes that we do, as well as the mountains in Afghanistan where the fight currently takes place). The Atlas Stone symbolizes the odd lifts and different (Different= Elite) style that we take to training. The Spartan quote and look symbolizes strength in Skill and Training rather than numbers. At the same time “come and get them” referring to the weapons is a statement that American Citizens (Not only Americans but FREE citizens) have the right and means to defend themselves from any enemy. We currently have 2M, 4L, and 3XL for sale each for the price of $29.00 After Christmas these will cost $35.00 +shipping. First come First Serve

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Jon’s Latenight office work

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately (Not sleep that counts anyway) but yesterday I slept nearly all day and feel good and rested. Training is 50% work and 50% rest (rest includes nutrition and GOOD sleep). I don’t train as much when I can’t rest properly because there is no recovery phase and my body doesn’t get much out of it. I did the following with our pullup station and a 30# Ammo can. Some strength, some Power-Endurance. I had Turkish Get ups written down with the can but didn’t want the flimsy handle to break and me bleed out from the face all night on watch. Here is what I did get done…

3 Rounds

Thrusters x12 @30# Can

Rows x15 each side with the same can

1 Arm negative Pullups x10 each side (hold with one arm. Jump until chin clears and try to hold and come down slowly)

Dips on bars x10

Planche Pushup variation x6

Let me know if you need demos on this stuff and I’ll record them or find them and attach it. With this training being done with minimal equipment, I thought it was a good opportunity to attach some videos of cheap/ Free equipment I have been able to build and use below… Continue reading