Why diets and Strength routines fail you

Today Jess and I hit spinners for an hour at the base gym. My fingers were pruned by the end from sweat. This weekend we had Pizza and beer while watching Nascar with a buddy of ours. Sunday we went down south to visit family. Sara, my sister has a good post here about the visit. Sara’s Post on Wild Homestead

Watch below video from 4:00. It paints a good picture of what’s wrong with many diets and workout plans. Continue reading

A revolution in Wellness

We all know someone battling diabetes, Obesity, cancer, heart disease or another form of food based sickness.

This is just the Obesity map alone. Virginia is in the 25-29% range

Help revolutionize health in the American society as we know it. We have been blindly guided into a lifestyle of sickness long enough. With the technology in front of us to reach out to so many people, why let it hold us to our armchairs playing more games? Let’s use this technology to educate, encourage, and inspire!

Forward this message to your facebook, twitter, and myspace friends and family

Below is the message we need to get out. Continue reading


No post for Monday. Try this game…


Tuesday I will be testing more max’s. Turkish Get up and Power Snatch. Probably doing some other things along with it. We’ll see.

TGU 1,1,1,1,1

BB Snatch 1,1,1,1,1

For load

post your load to comments

I don’t recommend anyone try to find a max on snatch if you don’t do them regularly. Practice form instead.

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