Week 5/ Water/ Nutritionist/ Cold weather Survival

Week 5 done. The weather is ridiculous with all this snow and changing our schedule constantly. My average dropped to a 94 and hopefully I can pull it back up. We got a really informative¬† 2 hour class from the certified nutritionist from the gym here on base and I’ll highlight some good information out of that. I will also touch on some survival notes that we got from a cold weather combat instructor who is an infantry Sgt going through the course and trains Marines at Bridgeport for cold-weather mountain survival. I’m also making some good contacts in the course, one of which is an armorer and I’m going to try to get him to work on my AR, another is a MCMAP Black belt Instructor Trainer at Officer Candidate School that was in my platoon in boot camp and we ended up in class together. I’m going to get with him after this course to get some MCMAP belts and get some more grappling on.


Sgt’s course week 4 update

First I just wanted some responses on something. Jess told me that she liked the way the old private site was set up better than this new blog. She told me that it was easier to navigate and use and that she liked the workout posted on there better than the way this site is set up as just a blog and people writing about what’s going on. The reason I changed is because no one did the workouts and I felt like I was wasting time with that. Anyway I just wanted opinions on that. What is more useful, helpful and entertaining for you guys? Continue reading

Stress Management/ Sergeants Course

This was my first week at Sergeants Course. Sergeants Course is an eight week Course taught by experts of the fields to prepare Marine Sergeants for promotion and the responsibilities of a Staff N.C.O. The instruction covers writing paperwork, Combat, Drill, inspections, Leadership responsibilities etc… I know a lot of people avoid it or are nervous about going but if you prepare yourself there is nothing to worry about. The schedule is busy and demanding, but nothing you can’t handle. I like the challenge really though and it’s nice to work with other Marines again and especially motivated Marines. Hopefully some of my posts on here will help someone prepare for the course or help civilians manage stress in their own work enviroment.

We ran our PFT yesterday in the snow and 20 something degrees. Continue reading