FY 300

So, I wasn’t on the internet much in Cali but really a lot went on that I could talk about… Maybe later. I finished up the class with a 95%. I did just enough drinking and spent lots of money. I met some cool people, saw old friends and got some good training. I got about 6 certificates for public speaking, Professional selling skills etc… My Combat Fitness Test score out there was a 281. 270-300 is first class. I grappled a MCMAP black belt and got tapped twice and a broken blood vessel in my eye from not tapping on a choke that I got out of. I gave him a good fight for quite a while though and he was hurting the next day. I have noticed a lot of changes in myself from the school . Mainly in that I am more comfortable approaching strangers and holding a conversation or finding out a specific thing and just my body language and approachability.

I’m glad to be home though. In my inbox before I left I had an email from a Marine Captain moving here. A black belt instructor that did Crossfit but didn’t like the elitist mentality. It would have been awesome to work out with him if I wasn’t moving so I let him know the best deal on base and what I was doing.

The last thing I wanted to talk about on here is the “300 workout”. I checked out the website when I got back to see what was going on and saw the post Sara made. It inspired me to try 300 again. This workout is like that mountain that intimidates me. There isn’t much that I won’t do but I’ve been putting that off and keep telling myself I’m not ready. You may have seen my older video which is now Members only from my garbage attempt two years ago. I just tried it again and was a little better until I crashed. I was about 20 into Floor Wipers when my face started going numb… I literally couldn’t move my lip or cheek and my eye was twitching. I decided to stop there and not kill myself. I named the video FY 300. Mark Twight made an actual workout called FY 300 that consists of 5:00 for calories burned or death on an Airdyne bike. His reason for the FY was different for mine though because he was sick of people taking advantage of his work and making a joke of it. Rectuiters school did a “Spartan 300” workout also that was a 3 mile run with pushups, squats, and leg lifts or something like that. I remember thinking the same thing during that. It was a joke compared to the real thing. Here is my newest attempt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_krH7txwqo

I decided that the numbness was either due to too drinking last night during UFC, not being acclimatized to Virginia, or maybe both. I guess I’ll try this one again later. It’s still hanging over my head.

Crossfit total

Bryan challenged me to the Crossfit total the other day. Today was Jess’ first attempt at Crossfit total and my second following these rules strictly CFTotal.pdf . We both set PR’s on two of the events each. I dropped from 295 on the deadlift.  Jess and I also filmed it and will be showing that later in exclusive media up top.

Jessica —270

Back Squat- 115 up from around 95 (she couldn’t remember)

Strict Press- 70 down from 75

Deadlift- 155 up from 135

Jon —585 down from 590

Back Squat- 195 up from 165 (That’s right!)

Strict Press- 125 up from 120

Deadlift- 265 down from 295 (It’s been that way since the marathon)

Bryan  —565

back squat- 205

strict press- 105

DL- 255


So I just ran my PFT for the year and scored 247. It’s another PR for me. Only three points higher than my last but shows that I am constantly improving even though I’ve been busy and not doing much training lately. I have gotten more pullups before, and I have ran faster but never a total score this high. If you look back at some videos of me push-pressing you will notice one arm won’t lock out completely and the weight is at an angle. I have the same problem with pullups and need to find out if it is something I am doing subconsciously or an actual physical problem. When things slow down after I move I want to build  a slosh pipe and see if that helps for the lifts (it is good for core strength also).

17 Pullups

100 crunches

24:20 3 mile run