Crossfit total

Bryan challenged me to the Crossfit total the other day. Today was Jess’ first attempt at Crossfit total and my second following these rules strictly CFTotal.pdf . We both set PR’s on two of the events each. I dropped from 295 on the deadlift.  Jess and I also filmed it and will be showing that later in exclusive media up top.

Jessica —270

Back Squat- 115 up from around 95 (she couldn’t remember)

Strict Press- 70 down from 75

Deadlift- 155 up from 135

Jon —585 down from 590

Back Squat- 195 up from 165 (That’s right!)

Strict Press- 125 up from 120

Deadlift- 265 down from 295 (It’s been that way since the marathon)

Bryan  —565

back squat- 205

strict press- 105

DL- 255


So I just ran my PFT for the year and scored 247. It’s another PR for me. Only three points higher than my last but shows that I am constantly improving even though I’ve been busy and not doing much training lately. I have gotten more pullups before, and I have ran faster but never a total score this high. If you look back at some videos of me push-pressing you will notice one arm won’t lock out completely and the weight is at an angle. I have the same problem with pullups and need to find out if it is something I am doing subconsciously or an actual physical problem. When things slow down after I move I want to build  a slosh pipe and see if that helps for the lifts (it is good for core strength also).

17 Pullups

100 crunches

24:20 3 mile run

27th Update

As you can see we have a new look. The search for older posts now comes in the form of a dropdown menu on the sidebar to save space.

Bryan just hit a new PR today with 255# deadlifts.

There was a video made from the cookout here.