Exclusive Media

Many of our videos are restricted to members only. Below are some demonstrations and other videos that I made unavailable to people skimming youtube as well as the listed ones. If you have a slow connection, you may not want to scroll to the embedded videos. Our Public youtube channel with the rest of the videos is located here and our Public Photo Gallery is located here with archives here

Here are the links and some public embedded “Unlisted” AAI exclusive videos below.

AAIFIT Introduction Video

Jon during the “300 Workout”

Flying Pullups

Messing around

Old Rag mountain

Olympic Rings

2008 Beach Workout

Power workout

Underwater Squats

Some Groundfighting


Finding some Max’s

No equipment Strength Training

Strength Training Randomness

My Garage Gym

Rear Naked Choke


3 rounds for functional Strength


Homemade Sled

Shrimping Tecnique

Takedown drills

hotel fight

A quick pushup variation for stabilizer muscles

Light Power Conditioning Session

Death by Metabolic Shock


Challenges/ Record




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